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Japanese negotiation style [Phong cách đàm phán của người Nhật Bản] / Vũ Dương Huân // Nghiên cứu quốc tế . -2005. -No 2. -p. 103-110. -(vie). -ISSN 0868-2941.
Classification (rubrics)11.15

Key wordsNegotiation style; Japanese negotiation style; Japan;

The Japanese negotiation style, like those of many other peoples the world over, is unique in their own ways. History and culture influence the Japanese negotiation style. Among the fine characters of Japanese negotiators in international fora are well-prepared, punctual, serious and respectful. The author also offers some hints on making a sitting plan for Japanese visitors. Also a short list of must- and must-not-dos is suggested for anyone who is interested in conducting negotiation with a Japanese counterpart.

LocationTTKHCNQG, CVv 182

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